IT Fundamentals & Computer Networking Course with Comptia A+

Complete Computer Network/IT Fundamentals and prepare Comptia Network+ and Comptia A+

What you’ll learn

-Learn IT Networking

-Learn about Computer Networking

-Information Security- Introduction to Basics of information security

-Switching techniques

-Go from basics to go further upto CCNA

-OSI and TCP/IP model- layered Architectures

-Describe computer networks and identify key components of networks

-Mux and Demux

-Understand the basics of IP addressing

-Configure IPv4 and IPv6

-Understand network hardware and their purpose

-Understand the basics of IP addressing


  • Interest and motivation in learning about IT and Computer Network


IT fundamentals Course

Even if you’ve never used a computer before, or if you simply want to refresh your computer skills, you’ll get general information technology literacy and basic computer skills training with this course. A focus on learning how to use basic computer operations and information technology is reflected in course learning outcomes. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the IT field, or if you want to hone your computer skills in order to be more productive at your job, this course is highly recommended.

I.T., or information technology, is the most popular profession and the fastest expanding industry in the world, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many individuals who selected this area as a career and are now at the top of their game have achieved great success. But what exactly is it about information technology that makes it such a profitable career option for young professionals?

Learning Activities are included in each numbered section, with each section focusing on computer skills that relate to each other.

The topics we will be covering in the course are listed below.

The section entitled “Introduction to IT” starts now.

Section 2 deals with computer components.

Section 3: Hardware

Section 4 – OS

Section 5: Software

Section 6 – Networking is provided here.

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