The Python Programming For Everyone Immersive Training

Learn, Practice, Master, Think like Python Professionals & Be A Certified Python Super Hero in short time!


  • No python prior experience is required to take this course.
  • Computer and Text Editor or IDE
  • Description

    Welcome to The Python Programming For Everyone Immersive Training Course for Beginners.

    This Immersive Masterclass covers all the essential topics to become a Professional Python developer from the ground up

    Topics like: variables, data types, Strings, data structures,  functional programming, different types of modules, files handling, object-oriented programming and many more.

    You’ll get A demonstration of each point in this training and an explanation of all theoretical and practical aspects in an easy way and in an easy language for anyone.

    Also, you can test your skills using quizzes and be a certified python developer that can be hired and you can upload the certificate of completion to your profile.
    Python is one of the coolest, and best programming languages in terms of ease and features.

    It is very easy for you to read the Python code, as if you were reading a regular English sentence.

    The Python language can work with everything indisputably in many areas.

    With Python, It is possible to do everything you imagine in the world of programming and data.

    Python can work in areas such as:

    Data Science.

    Machine Learning.

    Deep Learning.

    Artificial intelligence.

    Ethical Hacking.

    Blockchain Applications.

    Web Scraping.

    Web Applications.

    Mobile Applications.

    Desktop Applications.

    Games Applications.

    Browser Extensions.

    And many other fields.

    And you’ll get a full support during this step by step course by the instructor if you encounter any problems or errors.

    Let’s get started!

    Who this course is for:

    • Python Beginners
    • Anyone who wants to dive deeply into modern Python without wasting time
    • Programming and Software development Newbies
    • Programmers who know other Programming languages but are new to Python
    • Python developers who want to master new features of modern python

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