Secure Yourself and your Family

Protect yourself and family from Cyber Threats.

Last 10 years the amount of cyber crimes have been widely increased and malicious hackers are not just targeting Organization and companies but they also are targeting individual, families, teenagers and even kids.

New types of cybercrimes have been raised that mainly depend on the week awareness of the internet regular users. Crimes like Identity theft, Ransomware, Stolen Finical Information ( PayPal account/ Credit Card), Spying and other types of crime have caused a huge amount of damages for regular peoples and in some cases it destroyed their life

Internet is very useful tool for all family members, shopping, Chatting, listen to Music, using Social Media and other activities and today every member of the family got a device connected to the internet including our kids (Smart Phone / Laptop / computers) and if you are not aware of internet threats and how to protect ourselves and families members from it will be like we are giving our family members a car to drive in a very risky road without a licenses.

This Security awareness training is not a technical course, it’s a course for all family members, explaining what is the threats on the internet and how to protect ourselves in a very easy way.

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