Microsoft Windows 11 Course (2022)

Learn Windows 11, the latest OS release from Microsoft, with this 2 hours course by Studyopedia


  • A Windows 11 Laptop or Desktop
  • We will cover the basics, therefore, you should just know how to switch on/ off the Windows system.


Welcome to our Windows 11 Course. We are assuming that you have just bought a Windows system and are facing troubles in understanding the basic usage and workflow. Well, do not worry, we faced the same situation. It took us days to understand how to navigate through Windows 11, operate the mouse, cursor, Bluetooth, partitions, install software, update, etc.

We structured the course with all the basics to make Windows 11 environment and usage far better than Windows 10. Beginners and Intermediate users of Windows should definitely refer to this free Tutorial to enhance their Windows experience and start loving it.

After completing this course, you will become an expert in Windows from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced in no time.

We have discussed the basics as minor as changing resolution, and brightness, wallpaper, setting dark mode to Bluetooth settings, speeding up Windows 11 system, moving the taskbar to the left, creating a Partition, finding the WiFi password, etc. The installation of some major software on Windows 11 is also covered.

The latest Microsoft OS i.e. Windows 11 is discussed here in the course. We have discussed the best practices of Windows 11 usage, with all possible tips and tricks.

Who this course is for:

  • Present-day new users of Windows 11
  • Beginning working with a Windows system and curious about Windows 11

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