Introduction To Ethical Hacking

Learn about Ethical Hacking easily


  • No experience or knowledge needed, the course is for complete Ethical Hackers beginners


If you started to learn Ethical Hacking, then this course is right for you.

Hello, my name is Mostafa Ahmad, I’m an Expert Ethical Hacker and Cybersecurity Engineer with over seven years of experience, with a successful track record and high effectiveness. I’m more than happy to deliver completely my successful experience through my courses.

Throughout this course you will learn the required basic definitions of Ethical Hacking easily, you will learn what Hacking exactly is, why hackers hack,  types of hackers in details, types of the cyber attacks, and the malware types.

I simplify each point to make understanding the definitions easy for who started to learn Ethical Hacking, I will tell you how to be an expert in Ethical Hacking field and the exact importance of Ethical Hacking.

The danger of hacking is limitless, and the bad hackers can perfrom critical malicious activities that threaten everyone, that is why Ethical Hacking is important and always needed.

Learning should be enjoyable and full of valuable information. This course has been designed with great care to ease learning and get the best outcome and you will find me very responsive to any question you ask me to help you with your learning journey step by step.

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