Interview Preparation for Cyber Security Roles & SOC Roles!

Gain Insights from this Live Case study of how to prepare for an Interview for SOC Head Role


  • Understanding of foundational cyber security terminology & security operations center roles


We take a case study approach and discuss all questions & answers that a typical cybersecurity professional will be asked during an interview. We take a sample Job Description from a Corporate where they are looking for a SOC Head (Security Operations Center – Head), and the Subject Matter Expert – SME guides the Interviewee in understanding the profile and the concepts, tools, strategies that will be a requirement for this role.

You will have a profound understanding of cybersecurity using this course.

In this fascinating course, you will find the Subject Matter Expert – SME guiding the Interviewee to crack an Interview.

Please go through the job description below and be ready with a notepad and a pen to prepare solidly for your next interview:

What’s the role?
The Head of Security Operations Center runs and further develops the Security Operation Center (SOC). In close collaboration and partnership with the IT engineering and IT operational teams, the Head of Security Operation Center and his/her team select develop, implement and run security solutions and integrate managed security services for the Group. Furthermore, the role involves defining the risk-based use case target landscape and cross-tool stack detection logic of the SOC for IT, IoT, and OT, managing security incidents, leading investigations, and making actionable cyber threat intelligence accessible to internal stakeholders.

What does the role involve?
You will report to the Chief Cyber Security Officer (CCSO) and be part of the CCSO leadership team. From our office, you lead an international team of security experts and together with your team take end-to-end ownership in all aspects of the Security Operations Centre (governance, people, process, technology).

As a passionate team builder and to support our people growth commitment you drive recruiting, hiring, coaching, upskilling, and training of your team.

Together with your engineers you define, select, develop, implement and run security solutions (SIEM, SOAR, TIP, EDR) and integrate third-party provided managed security services (24/7 monitoring, vulnerability management) for the Group in close collaboration and partnership with the IT engineering and IT operational teams

You defined the risk-based use case target landscape and cross-tool stack detection logic of the SOC for IT, IoT, and OT to aggregate these elements into a holistic “situational awareness” that can be readily adapted to new or emerging cyber threats.

Together with your security incident responders you manage, contain, and resolve security incidents according to our playbooks and incident response plans in a timely, appropriate, and reproducible manner. You also lead forensic investigations, proactive threat hunting, and make sure actionable cyber threat intelligence is propagated to internal stakeholders.

As an ambassador for all SOC-related topics, you continuously support cyber risk management, reporting, and project-related activities and you take an active role in managing our stakeholders by actively advising & coaching our IT engineering and IT operational teams.

Who this course is for:

  • Senior Cyber Security Professionals, Information Security Professionals, Professionals looking for transition roles in Cyber Security

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