Ethical Hacking for Android Apps and Devices

Ethical Hacking for Android Apps and Devices

Hack Android apps! Learn Android hacking and penetration testing with my Android app hacking and penetration course!


  • 4 GB (Gigabytes) of RAM or higher (8 GB recommended)
  • 64-bit system processor is mandatory
  • 10 GB or more disk space
  • Enable virtualization technology on BIOS settings, such as “Intel-VTx”
  • All items referenced in this course are Free
  • A strong desire to understand hacker tools and techniques
  • A strong work ethic, willingness to learn and plenty of excitement about the back door of the digital world
  • Nothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your ambition to get started today


Hi there,

Welcome to my Ethical Hacking for Android Apps and Devices course.

Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system and as a result there are potentially millions of smartphone users at risk of data theft and other cyber attacks.  That’s way in this course, we only focused on Android hacking.

Mobile phones, tablets, computers and more have become an essential part of our daily life. People using the phones could be hit by bugs that are distributed widely and can be exploited by hackers relatively easily. These devices store critical information that needs to be protected from those who want to access it without our knowledge such as our contact list, passwords, emails etc.

This is where the importance of the mobile phone’s security comes into play.

In this course, you will learn how to hack Android apps ethically. While you are learning ethically hack you will also learn Android Architecture, Android’s Security models, Android Static Analysis and Developer Overview.

This course is for all levels. We will take you from beginner to advance level. You will learn step-by-step with hands-on demonstrations.

At the end of the course you will learn;

  • History of Android
  • Android Ecosystem
  • Android Architecture
  • Android Software Stack
  • Android Run time
  • Analysis of APK file Structure in Android Studio
  • Android’s Security Model
  • Application Sandboxing
  • Permissions and Selinux.
  • Developer overview for Android apps
  • Create an Android virtual device
  • Android Components
  • Developing a basic android app
  • Connect Emulator or real device and Kali
  • Rooting basics
  • Reverse Engineering an APK file
  • Information Gathering,
  • Repackaging and Resigning an APK
  • Static Analysis with MobSF
  • Root Detection and Obfuscation Techniques.
  • OWASP Mobile Top 10 Vulnerabilities
  • Android Pentesting on vulnerable mobile apps

No prior knowledge is needed!

It doesn’t need any prior knowledge to learn Ethical Hacking

This course starts with very basics. First, you will learn how to install the tools, some terminology. Then the show will start and you will learn everything with hands-on practices.  I’ll also teach you the best practices and shortcuts.

Step-by-Step Way, Simple and Easy With Exercises

By the end of the course, you’ll have a firm understanding of the Android Hacking and valuable insights on how things work under the hood and you’ll also be very confident. The good news is since the Free and popular tools are used you don’t need to buy any tool or application.

You’ll also get:

Lifetime Access to The Course

Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

Dive in now to my Ethical Hacking for Android App and Devices course!

Who this course is for:

  • Penetration testers who want to do a Penetration Testing against Android mobile phones.
  • Application developers who want to write secure mobile applications.
  • Anyone who want to protect themselves against mobile attacks.

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